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Halloween's Eve
Misha Collins, Solomon, me, Mark Sheppard

I thought, since it's Halloween and all I'd write a Halloween poem
Even though I celebrate SamHain, so it's Halloween all week for me but hey!

Devilish dreams devour my heart
ripping, and tearing my feelings apart
wicked winds slip in and wipe out our path
leaving the world, to bask in deaths wrath.

Demonic passages wither yet grow
raging, and turning and swirling the flow
drowning in water that churns like cyclones
the people are crying, dying with moans.

A whimsical fall with a back draft of the dead
the trees full of leaves of orange and red
crisp wild winds blow to ravage the trees
autumns daemons arise to steal the breeze.

With reckless abandon leaves swirl into a pile
taking with it clean air, and killing kids smiles
the carnage that begins when where’s take shape
change with the moon as vampires wake.

Creatures come alive in the crisp evening air
moaning and groaning without even a care
teasing and torturing the children at play
the witches and warlocks are here to stay.

What once was a night for trick and treating
is now a course run for zombies feeding
the dead are alive, are they chasing you?
Is this a dream or is this all true?

The walls of your house are dripping with blood
down to the carpets now oozing a flood
your parents are scared and locked in their rooms
your pets are screaming in fright from doom.

And YES the children, will soon be gone
as the evil daemons retrieve them before dawn
turn on your alarms and lock all the doors
close all the windows, you’ll still hear the roar.

They’re coming to get you, there’s no way out
don’t bother running, don’t even give a shout
they’ll destroy your life, smashing your face
there’s no denying, they’ll have the run of the place.

Those few that live, will have stories to tell
of daemons and darkness, and evil and hell
those others who die, will have tombstones to be read
their epitaphs will depict the lives that they once led.


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