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So, I lost my grandad last March (2012) and I really miss him a lot, he was the closest thing to a dad I had, as my dad passed away when i was 2.
Though I never saw him as much as I would like because he lived 5 hours away from me, he was always in my thoughts and in my heart, as he is as much now as he ever was.
Even though we all knew he didn't have much time left, it was still a complete shock and the most heartbreaking time in my life. I think about him every day, and just writing this I have tears in my eyes, but I wrote him a little poem/note last year and I thought about time to put it down somewhere it won't get lost...

I hope that wherever you are, it feels like one long amazing holiday
I hope you are laughing and smiling and all the pain has gone away
I hope you've been reunited with all the ones we've lost along the way
I miss you every single day
There's a hole in my heart where you live, one day we can reunite and fill the void
I may seem happy today, but the smile is only to keep the pain away
I try to smile for you every day Grandad, but it's hard, I think you took part of it away
I love you, always



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