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Epic Fails

So I've pretty much not written any more to my spn fic... I think I've had so many other different ideas for a cockles fic that I can't concentrate on the one that's unfinished... Not that I've wrote those either... I've been really busy lately because my nana broke her arm so I'm basically her live in carer. I am determined to put pen to paper again very soon though... So watch this space...

In other news I thought I'd just update this whenever I feel like it other than just using it for fanfic...

If you know me you know how much I am in love with a band called LostAlone... If you haven't heard of them I recommend you give them a listen... They're kind of rock so if you're not into that then maybe give it a miss... I first discovered them in Feb 2012 when I went to see a band called InMe at the White Rabbit in Plymouth... From that moment on I was hooked... They have literally changed my life... With most bands I can relate to maybe one or two of their lyrics but with LostAlone I relate to all of them. They make me feel like part of something and they make me feel less alone. Ironic because if their name I know.
I saw them again in May 2012 at the Thekla in Bristol (which is legit an actual boat that bands play on!) and me and my best friend met them after the show and they are so down to earth... It makes all the difference when a band is interested in YOU and not just making money... We even got hugs from them all!
The point of this story was just to say that I recently saw them again in Feb 2013 at the White Rabbit and the Thekla. Yes I went to see them back to back, I love them that much. I got lots of hugs from Steven, the leas singer who I am pretty much in love with and in awe of him. It was the best weekend of my life and since then I have been feeling really down because I've had to come back to reality which sucks big time.
Music really can save lives. And once in a while a melody or a riff or a song or a band or one person really can make all the difference. If you're struggling with depression or life or family or anything at all. Hang in there because I have no doubt in my mind something or someone will come along and change your life for the better.
It happened for me and it can happen for you too.

Also I might just add. My second favourite band in existence, 30 Seconds to Mars just released a new song, Up in the Air and it rocks my socks off! I have been acting like a loony pants since the first time I heard it yesterday :D

Now I'm just hoping this will post from my phone with hardly any signal since I've been tapping away on my phone for nearly half an hour xxx

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